Hats, Hats, Hats!

I have a large collection of vintage patterns and it seems a shame not to share them with the world so I’ve decided to put together a few kits with some of my favourite patterns and my favourite yarns.

This pattern is from August 1956’s Stitchcraft and is described as a Mandarin Cap. I must admit this is one of the strangest little crochet patterns I’ve ever done. The lovely ridges across the top are created with a very strange stitch and as always with vintage patterns the instructions are vague. It took several attempts to figure this stitch out but it’s a lovely feature which helps to give the look of separate stitched panels. Crocheting through the back loop throughout this pattern gives the hat the feeling of a being built from straw rather than wool as well which is a nice touch.

The wool used is Drops Lima which is a wool/alpaca blend which is perfect for creating a project that needs a bit of rigidity. I’ve currently got 13 lovely colours which can be ordered as part of the kit.

What’s included:

3 balls of Drops Lima is your choice of colour

A copy of the original pattern

My personal notes on the pattern and links to video instructions to help with the ridge stitch on the crown of the cap.

And is available from etsy here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/529615615/vintage-crochet-hat-kit-pattern-and-yarn


Happy Crafting,



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